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NY Defensive Driving Course

No Hidden Fees!

29 $         95 Register Point Reduction Course

Reduced from your driving record.

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NY Defensive Driving
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No Hidden Delivery Fees!

Unlike many course providers, we do not charge any additional fees for standard certificate delivery or  DMV notification. Our  course fee is all inclusive.  

Certificate Delivery & DMV Notification

Once you have successfully completed the Online Defensive Driving Course we will mail your Completion Certificate free of charge. If you need your certificate in a hurry you may upgrade to overnight certificate delivery.

In addition to mailing you the certificate completion, we will electronically notify the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your successful completion of the online course. The New York  DMV will update your driving record automatically.  

Additional Certificate Information

You certificate will be mailed to you directly from American Safety, Inc. Once you receive your certificate, contact your automobile insurance provider so that you may obtain your 10% premium reduction.

Most insurance providers will only need a copy of your certificate which you may provide to them by mail or fax. Some insurance carriers will require the original certificate. Once your insurance policy is updated to reflect the completion of the defensive driving course, your insurance company will mail you back the original copy of your certificate.

Defensive Driving Certificate